About KeeKee’s Big Adventures

AAA Travel Team

It all started one bright and sunny day in Seattle, Washington. Shannon and Paul decided to adopt a kitty. There she was, sleeping in the back of her crate, with classical music playing at the Seattle Humane Society. All you could see was her fluffy calico back. After coaxing her out, and a few minutes of play, they knew the little fuzzball was the one.

It wasn’t long after that KeeKee’s adventures began. First, there was a road trip from Seattle to Portland; she loved riding in the car. A few months later, her first flight was to spend the Christmas holiday visiting grandparents in Arizona. Then just a week before her 2nd birthday, she boarded her first international flight when they moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands. While living in Amsterdam, Shannon and Paul’s adult friends were interested in their travels, while their children always asked about KeeKee’s adventures. This sparked an idea! Shannon loved to travel. Growing up, her mom was a flight attendant, and travel was very formative for her. Wouldn’t it be fun to introduce children to other cultures, languages, lands, geography, and more through a cute KeeKee cartoon character?! And so, KeeKee’s Big Adventures was born.

The mission? Through KeeKee to spark curiosity, spread wonder, and share the marvels of this magnificent world. Fast forward a few years, KeeKee is the globe-trotting calico kitty starring in her award-winning book series, KeeKee’s Big Adventures, and the lovable guide of the family travel entertainment brand. Families and fans around the world enjoy KeeKee’s five children’s picture books (and more in the works), her YouTube channel, Family Travel Podcast, and a website chock full of family travel activities.

And we’ve only just begun. As KeeKee says… Adventure Awaits!