Keeping Your Family Vacation Memories Alive

Fun ways to capture & relive your trip as a family.
AAA Travel Team

One of the best things about travel is the new experiences you have as a family and learning and seeing new things. You’re making memories that live on long after your vacation. So, it’s important to capture them and bring them to life!

While on vacation, plan to capture as much as you can.

  • Take Loads of Pictures. Make sure everyone has a camera. It’s easy for adults as we have our point-and-shoot cameras and cameras on our phones. Make sure your kids have a way to take photos as well. It is a lot of fun to see what even the youngest in your family captures with an inexpensive digital camera.
  • Collect Mementos. Ensure everyone gets a keepsake or souvenir on the trip, especially the kids. It’s a great way to bring a piece of your destination home with you, from pressed pennies and postcards to shells and ornaments.
  • Keep A Travel Journal.  This is an excellent way for everyone in the family to document the vacation as you go.

Then once you’re back home, here are fun ways to share what you captured and bring them to life.

Gather the family together and share stories about your trip.

Ask each person to share their vacation memories. What was your favorite part? What did you learn? What was the most fun? What will you never forget? You can talk about the vacation overall or go day-by-day about the trip.

Make it a fun activity. Prepare a favorite food from the vacation and play music from the destination on your favorite music streaming service to set the mood.

The KeeKee Kid’s Corner below has a fun activity to help the kids capture their favorite parts.

Have a family movie night where you look at all your pictures on the TV.

Have each person walk through their photos and talk about why they captured that moment. You could also incorporate the Storytelling activity above and make it a fun night with food and music.

Pull together your photos and mementos to create one of these keepsakes as a family activity.

  • Photo Album: Have everyone pick out their favorite photos from the trip, print them out and make an album. Or you can make a printed photo album with an online service like Apple or Shutterfly.
  • Scrapbook: Get craft supplies from the craft store to make a scrapbook of the trip. Use pictures, maps, ticket stubs, and drawings, and write down everyone’s favorite memories to create a fun scrapbook.
  • Memory Box: Everyone can pick their one or two favorite things from the vacation and put them into a Memory Box. Include favorite memories by writing them on pretty paper or flat river rocks.


We love taking favorite photos and souvenirs to make a framed box you can display in your home. This is a great way to keep your memories visible for everyone to enjoy. You could even create a Vacation Shadow Frame Box wall in your living room.

Have the family pick out their favorite photo from the trip, then get it printed on canvas and hang it in your house. After a few trips, you’ll have your vacation wall of photos.

You can also have your kids’ favorite pictures printed as a collage on canvas to hang in their room. 


Start a world or country map to capture your vacations. This can be something great to display in your house. After each trip, add a pin to the destination you visited and include the family’s favorite photo.

You can also buy framed map templates, then fill them in with your favorite photos as you visit each state or country.


There are so many things to learn from each destination you visit, especially internationally, like how other people live, the food they eat, and their language.  

It can be fun to incorporate something you learned on the trip into your family life, like a meal, custom, word, or tradition.

This is a great way to celebrate the people, places, and cultures of our great big, wonderful world!

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