Got a Motorcycle? Get Covered

Increase in motorcycling sparks need for specialty insurance
AAA Northway Insurance Agency Team

The number of U.S. households with motorcycles is growing, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.

That means if you own one of the roughly 13 million motorcycles parked in garages or outside homes across the county, you’ll need to take one more important thing with you on the road to keep you and your prized machine protected: specialty insurance.

If you prefer to travel on two-wheels, it’s important your insurance coverage is along for the ride. Specialty insurance through AAA offers peace of mind and protects your property.

Motorcycle households rose to a record 8 percent of U.S. households in 2018, an increase of more than 1.5 million homes since 2014, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, which released its latest owner survey in January.

Motorcycles, as well as collector cars and boats, are generally not covered under standard auto or homeowners policies. Specialty policies offer broader coverage and options, specialized claims handling and customer service, and, sometimes, additional discounts for mature riders, completing training courses and memberships in rider associations or clubs. 

Here is a quick primer on insurance products for motorcycles and other specialty vehicles:

Motorcycle insurance offers replacement cost coverage and travel loss reimbursement, and might also include coverage for permanently attached accessories, safety apparel and helmets.

Collector vehicle insurance covers antiques, street rods, classics, collector motorcycles, muscle cars, vintage race cars, kit cars, military vehicles, new exotics, tractors, custom cars and fire engines. Restorations in process, harder-to-place autos (such as Cobras), and collector trucks also may be eligible.

Watercraft insurance policies cover various types of boats: powerboat, sport-fisher, sailboat, mid-performance boat, high-performance boat, bass boat, pontoon boat, ski boat, hovercraft, trawler, houseboat, airboat and personal watercraft. Discounts on watercraft insurance policies might be available based on watercraft-ownership experience.

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