New York Expands Slow Down Move Over Law

Keeping Everyone on the State’s Roadways Safer
James Phelps

For more than a decade now, New York’s “Move Over” law has been in place to help improve the safety of law enforcement, emergency personnel, highway maintenance workers and tow truck drivers that are stopped on the side of the road. The law requires drivers to move over one lane if it is safe to do so. If moving over isn’t an option, the driver is to exercise due caution and slow down when approaching the stopped vehicle. Signed into law in October 2023 and taking effect in April of this year, the Move Over law is expanding to include ALL vehicles stopped on the roadside. This includes any passenger vehicle, regardless of its designation.

AAA New York State, the state association of AAA clubs, championed this common-sense legislation as it made its way through the state legislature. AAA has worked for years to educate legislators and the public about the importance of protecting roadside workers and motorists at the side of the road. With drivers increasing speeds and more distracted driving occurring on our roads, this law will help save lives.

If you’ve ever experienced a breakdown on a highway, you know first-hand how frightening it can be as cars and trucks whiz by at high speeds mere inches from your vehicle. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 1,703 people were struck and killed outside of a disabled vehicle from 2016 – 2020. 37 of those were in New York. These staggering statistics show the dangers of being on the side of the country’s roadways. New York joins at least 17 other states that enacted Move Over Laws that include passenger vehicles.

AAA was founded in 1902 to fight for safer vehicles and roads. For the past 122 years, we have remained steadfast in that mission. We will continue to promote legislation and educate motorists to make our roads safer for all users. So, please, remember when you see any vehicle on the side of the road exercise caution: Slow Down and Move Over.

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Author: James Phelps, President & CEO