Banking at a Branch Could Be Costing You Time, Money

AAA Financial Services

Every year, more people manage their finances with online or mobile banking solutions rather than a physical bank location. Here are just a few reasons why banking with a brick-and-mortar branch could be costing you time and money:

Extra Time Spent

Having to go to a bank to manage your finances comes with extra steps that end up costing valuable time. Driving to the branch, waiting in line or sitting at a drive-up window is time-consuming and could be avoided with online banking.

Lower Annual Percentage Yield

APYs at banks with many brick-andmortar branches tend to be lower than online banks. This is because paying to build, staff, maintain and operate branch locations involves expense.  

Less Flexibility

You do not need to deal with the hassles of branches when the essentials of online banking, mobile banking and 24/7 customer service are at your fingertips.

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