Five Reasons to Review Your Home Insurance

AAA Northway Insurance Agency Team

1. Increase in Property Value
During the time you own your home, it’s likely that the market value will increase. For example, if you purchased your home five years ago at $215,000, it may be worth $350,000 in today’s market.   You’ll want to make sure you have sufficient coverage to rebuild your home at its current cost of construction in the event it is destroyed, such as a house fire.

2. Home Upgrades
Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, adding an extra room or upgrading other features in your home may add substantial value to your house. Before the work begins, check to see if you need to  increase your insurance coverage. By doing so, the addition or upgrade will be covered in case it’s damaged or destroyed during construction. Also, be sure to notify your agent if you’ve installed a new roof or upgraded your electrical or plumbing system. You may get a reduction in your homeowners premium because these improvements can reduce therisk of damage to your home.

3. New Valuables
If you’ve acquired new valuables, such as jewelry, electronics, firearms or expensive pieces of art, check your policy. It could have a limit on the amount that will be covered for these types of items and you may need to add an endorsement to cover the value of any additional acquisitions.

4. Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Trampolines
While swimming pools, hot tubs and trampolines are added fun, they bring a whole new level of risk. Check the liability coverage on your homeowners or renters policy to make sure it is adequate. This also may be the time to consider taking out a personal umbrella policy for additional liability coverage.

5. Take Advantage of Discounts
Added a new theft alarm or fire protection system? Insure both your home and vehicle(s) with your current insurer? You may be able to save on your homeowners insurance. Check with your  insurance agent on what discounts you can take advantage of to help reduce your premium.

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