Life Change? Consider Adjusting Your Insurance

AAA Northway Insurance Agency Team

Buy a house? Send a child off to college? Ready for retirement? From the teenage years to retirement, many people experience milestones that influence not just their lives, but also their insurance needs.  Here are a few common life events that call for you to call your agent. 

Starting Out

If you get married … Call your agent to see if you qualify for lower auto and/or home insurance rates.  If you have different insurance companies, you’ll need to decide which company best suits your needs as a married couple.

               If you have more than one car … You may qualify for a discount if you insure both cars under the same policy.  However, sometimes it can be cheaper to have separate policies for separate vehicles, so be sure to check with your insurance agent.

Family Changes

               If you get a pet … Talk to your agent to find out if your homeowners or renters policy includes liability coverage in case your pet is ever involved in an accident.  Liability coverage is especially important for dogs of all sizes because even small dogs can bite.  If your homeowners or renters policy doesn’t adequately cover your pet, consider purchasing an additional umbrella policy.

               If you send a child off to college … If your child is living in a dorm, most of their belongings will likely be covered under your homeowners policy – however, you may want to consider a personal property endorsement if your limits aren’t high enough.  If you child is living off-campus, consider a renters insurance policy to protect their belongings and protect them from liability in case of an incident.

               If you lose a loved one … Call your insurance agent.  If the person who passed away was listed on your auto or homeowners policies, have them removed.  If your spouse passed away and left you a home, ask to be listed as the “named insured” – most insurance policies allow surviving spouses to continue to make payments until the policy can be reregistered or rewritten.

Making Moves

               If you buy a home … Start shopping for home insurance once your new home has been appraised.  While homeowners insurance isn’t required by law, every mortgage lender requires it.  Based on the state you live in, be aware that your credit score may impact your premium.

               If your commute changes … If you are no longer commuting or have to cut back on driving, talk to your agent to see if you can have your auto premium reduced.


               If you retire … Ask your agent if you qualify for a discount on your homeowners or renters insurance.  If you drive less than before, you may be able to have your auto insurance premium reduced based on the state you live in. 

               If you’re a mature driver … Be aware that your auto insurance rate might increase even if you have a clean record, as senior drivers are statistically more prone to accidents.

If you’ve experienced a life change, you may need to change your insurance coverage, too.  Call 1-866-222-0937 to talk to a local AAA Insurance agent, click or visit your local AAA Office today.